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Extreme pumpkin carving? What does that even mean?  How did you even get started doing that??

Combining Art & and Pumpkins Since 1995

Hello everyone who took a few seconds out of their busy schedule to learn about who I am and how the heck I started carving pumpkins!

I am a native of beautiful sunny San Diego, California and have been obsessed with pumpkins from the ripe age of 2.  My parents held pumpkin carving parties for the whole neighborhood, so naturally, I strived to create the best one.  As my skills and tenacity became more refined, I finally ventured into sculpting.   One pumpkin turned into many, and slowly but surely the word of my unique niche spread.  I began to enter various contests, news segments, and even the coveted Food Network’s, Halloween Wars.  I am ecstatic about the unbelievable opportunities to work with companies such as the Hard Rock Hotel, Green Flash Brewery, Crunch Fitness, San Diego County Gun Owners, and many many more! 

The best part about spreading my gift, is the ability to give back to the community.  Each year, I donate a percentage of profits towards Breast Cancer research.  As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I wanted my pumpkins to make a difference in the lifespan of other’s ‘pumpkins.’  I have titled my movement “Pumpkins for Pumpkins” and encourage all of my sponsors to graciously help me donate.  I can’t wait to see how much we’ll raise each year!

I still reside in San Diego County and spend my extra luxury time hiking, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, dog training, shooting, and cooking.  I am very passionate about health and fitness and have sustained a career previously competing in bodybuilding competitions.  I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with new adventures, foods, and company.  


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