Extreme Fruit & Pumpkin Carving

Impress your guests at the next corporate event, holiday party, or special occasion with a unique, custom masterpiece!

About the Artist

My name is Monique Hawk, and I have been combining Art and Pumpkins Since 1995
Monique Hawk

Pumpkin Carving

The days of uneven triangles and awkward square teeth are over.  Explore the incredible possibilities of 3D sculpture on the iconic orange gourd.

Realistic Drawings

Taking stick figures to the next level with detailed expressions, shading, and character.  Realistic drawings are the perfect personalized gift for an anniversary, memoir, or special occasion.

Fruit Carving

Edible arrangements that truly are too beautiful to eat.  Make any centerpiece a talk of the room with vibrant melon bouquets, and beet roses.

Happy Clients

We have used Monique Hawk’s unique carving services for many occasions to include:Mother’s Day, Easter, and Halloween.  On each of these occasions, Monique has produced some of the most unique, likable, edible, works of art with fruit, vegetables and gourds to bring wonderful whimsical creatures to life on our banquet displays and featured art.No matter the occasion, Monique can create the right affect given a bountiful basket of fruits and vegetables.

-Frank Busic

Club Manager, University Club

Monique blew me away with these incredibly detailed carvings for my baby shower. They were the centerpieces for our food table and were the perfect touch for my shower.  I am impressed with her masterful creations and can’t wait for her to do some pumpkins with my kids!! Thank you so much Monique!

-Chea H.

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